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in the Greater Sacramento Area

We typically work with Realtors who are currently struggling with finding the time to market their listings effectively. We save them

time by offering high-quality photos and video, with fast turn around time, so they can have less stress and focus on what really matters, their clients.


Some Of Our Clients:

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"Everything we do we believe should make people smile. We believe people should enjoy every moment of their lives."

-Unlikely Legends




Real Estate Photography

We do HDR Photography. You may be asking, what does that mean for me? It means we take multiple pictures of the same shot at different exposures so your listings pictures look super bright and colorful. It takes us a bit more time, but the end result is worth it.

All of our Photography also has a fast 24 hour turnaround which saves you time so you can focus on what really matters.


Aerial Video & Photography

Aerial Video & Photography is the new thing! Our officially certified drone pilots will literally go above and beyond to get outstanding photography and video of your listing from the sky!


Real Estate Video

A professionally done video walk-through of your listing means you get new clients, more traffic, and it makes you look amazing as an agent. Our videos are professionally shot and edited and timed with exciting music.

Our videos typically come out to 2-4 minutes long and have a fast 72 hour turnaround time!


Night Photography

If you think your listing would look great at night, lets show it off! Night photos are a great way for your listing to stand out from all the others online, along with professional photography of course.


Online Marketing

We will put together a professional webpage showcasing you and your listing so you have a place to send your clients and future clients online.

Say goodbye to the MLS client one page, because we can also put together a beautifully designed flyer for you to hand out at your open houses so you can make you and your listings look good.

All marketing materials have a fast 48 hour turnaround time as well. 

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

- Walt Disney



Step 1


Pick the type of photo or video shoot that is right for your listing.

Step 2


Schedule your photo or video shoot online or by calling or emailing us.

Step 3


A photographer will meet you or the owner at the property at the time you scheduled, or let themselves in with a combination lockbox if provided the lockbox code.

Step 4

Pay & Deliver

An online invoice to pay for the shoot as well as the photos will be sent to your email within 24 hours from the scheduled time of your photo shoot. Marketing Materials will be sent will within 48 hours, and Videos 72 hours. You can also pay with a check or card at the property.

Step 5


Get excited as you get more prospects, more offers, and new clients, giving you more time to focus on what you really want.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

-George Bernard Shaw



Mike Highhill

Lyon Real Estate

These folks are fantastic. I've been doing Real Estate now for a few years and every house, no matter how big or how small, gets professional pictures. Unlikely Legends knocks it out of the park every time. They are punctual, communicative, professional, considerate, and open minded. They value me as a client and that makes them easy to recommend. I have been contracting with them for several years and their performance has only gotten better. They have a great eye for Real Estate and are always happy to take that extra shot.

Jamie Pierroz

Realty One Group

Unlikely Legends has time after time produced amazing photos for my listings. They are professional, talented, and always quick. I will continue to have these guys market my homes!!

Melissa Weiss

Weiss Real Estate Group

I have been using Unlikely Legends exclusively for my listing photos for almost 3 years now! They are fantastic! As a busy Realtor, I appreciate that they are very easy to get a hold of to schedule and that they are extremely consistent with their quality. They are an amazing asset to my business and I highly recommend them!

Eve Fenstermaker

Broker and Owner of Granite Bay Properties

The entire Unlikely Legends team has been awesome to work with! As a busy Real Estate office we appreciate their punctuality and professionalism. They always show up on time and are very accommodating to get us in when needed. Photo quality is great and they are always willing to re edit any photos if need be. We highly recommend them to our Real Estate colleagues or anyone who is needing professional photos taken.

Steve Hillier

Broker and Co-Owner of New Vision Realty

I love using these guys. Fast easy to work with and the photos are the best I've got so far from a photographer doing any work on my listings.

Karen Saenz

Owner of Saenz Real Estate

We love using Unlikely Legends Media for our listings at Saenz Real Estate! They are extremely professional, take amazing photos and their media option is a definite MUST!  It's so worth your time to use them, we couldn't happier with their services.

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