- Turn on all lamps and overhead lighting in the home.
- Replace all missing or burnt out light bulbs.
- Open all blinds to be able to see outside.
- Hide all remote controls.
- Move cords out of site. (Lamp, extension, computer, etc.)
- Remove all personal photos.
- Stop all ceiling fans.
- Clear home office of all clutter.
- Remove all items out of the shower and bath.
- Remove all items from bathroom counter tops.
- Close the lids to all to toilets.
- Remove all floor mats and area rugs in the bathrooms and kitchen.
- Clear all items off bedside tables.
- Avoid hiding items under the bed. (They will be seen in the photograph.)
- For your family’s safety, remove children’s names from their bedroom. The photos will be posted online. (People shouldn’t know your address and your children’s names.)
- Be sure any pets are contained in an area of the house that will not be photographed. (Garage or Utility Room)
- Remove any signs that you have pets. (Crates, food and water bowls, litter box, etc.)
- Remove all dishes from sink.
- Remove all small appliances and clutter from kitchen counters.
- Remove all magnets from the refrigerator.
- Move any cars that are in the driveway or in front of the house.
- Move all visible inside and outside trash cans to an un-photographed area.
- Roll up outside hoses neatly.
- Move BBQ grill into the garage.
- Cut the grass and spruce up landscaping.
- And don’t forget to Smile!

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